500px Global Photo Walk

Q8 Expats Photography Club is yet again excited to bring you the 4th annual 500px Global Photo Walk on September 17, 2016! 

This is your chance to get out and meet fellow photographers in your community who share your passion. You’ll share tips and tricks, make new friends, and of course - capture some inspiring images. 

The theme of this year’s walk is “Action and Adventure.” Put on your walking, running, cycling, or hiking shoes and capture the energy, motion, excitement, and movement of today's fast-paced places and people. No need to be a pro to attend! 

Grab whatever camera you have (DSLR, mobile phone, point-and-shoot) and join in the fun!


Price :
17-09-2016 04:00 PM To 17-09-2016 07:00 PM

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