Spartan Kettlebell Instructor Course In Kuwait
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KWD 130

Hosted by : Training For Warriors

8th Jan from 10:00 AM - 11:30 PM

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 Jabriya, CO-OP Road street 6, Kuwait, Jabriya , Hawalli Governorate,Kuwait

+965 50133525

The first Kettlebell instructor course in Kuwait

Abdullah Alawadi – Director of TFW Kuwait. Abdullah is the founder and director of TFW Kuwait. He is a certified strength and conditioning specialist (NSCA) as well as a black belt holder in Karate. securing a fitness segment in Kuwait National TV 2010-2015 (Good Morning Kuwait Show)
• Expert in strength and conditioning training
• Personal trainer and nutrition specialist
• Defendo Instructor (Hard Target & Combat Tech
• Entrepreneur and owner of TFW Kuwait
• Founder and head coach of Spartan Gear Kuwait

Spartan education system includes the following training lines:
- Spartan Kettlebell
- Spartan Fighter Training
- Spartan Bodyweight Training
- Spartan Barbell Complex

An unprecedented way to train yourself into a professional in functional fitness.
SPARTAN KETTLEBELL LEV.1 INSTRUCTOR COURSE We bring you the most effective training you've ever attended – and we keep our word, but you won't believe it until you feel it! We'll go through the kettlebell basics with you with detailed explanations on why we do this the way we do. Even the most advanced exercises are taught to you so you'll be able to do them in your sleep. The learning is rewarding, a lot of fun and we won't spare the sweat. You'll learn to teach it, do it and enjoy it.When you want to offer your customers the kind of service that others are only talking about, join us. When you want to raise your own standards of personal fitness and aren't a professional instructor, you're more than welcome to join us.

The basics of group exercise
The basics of kettlebell training
Combining kettlebell exercises and bodyweight training
Mobility training
Theory and pracise of teaching
Written material
Move in the cutting edge of functional training and do what others only talk about!

Take the challenge and join us - it doesn't hurt, it feels good!

Join us if:
- You are 18 years old, male or female
- You are in a normal physical condition or already a tough cookie
- You are a sports instructor and want a competetive edge
- You want to offer your customers a new way to exercise
- You want to improve your personal knowledge on exercise
- You want to know more on recovery and mobility
- You are looking for a way to improve your sport-specific strength and mobility

How this all works

Be there on time. Bring exercise equipment, low-soled shoes, a water bottle and some small snacks as well as note-taking equipment. The course is two days long, so arrange accomodation. We'll help if necessary. There will be enough breaks so we'll all keep up.

Arrange a first-class enviroment for learning, kettlebells and training gear. We'll also bring an awesome training and a new way to enjoy exercise. You'll also get a written instructor folder for easy reference. We also give you good deals in Spartan Gear products. 

We will show you, instruct you and do with you, but you'll get to do a little more. You'll exercise yourself, as that is the only way to learn. We'll back the exercises with theoretical background information, as that is the only way to understand why we do as we do. Together we are stronger than alone, and you'll see what a like-minded group can accomplish in a short time!

Our references come from top names in their respective arts, Finnish, European and World Champions. See the testimonials here:

Entry requirements: 18 years age and normal physical condition.

Includes training, written material, Spartan Gear -international instructor Diploma and Spartan 
Ketlebell dvd 

Limited number of participants. Max20people

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