New Era In Biologic And Conservative Endodontic Treatment
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13th Feb from 10:00 AM - 11:30 PM

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Kuwait Dental Admin Conference, Kuwait City, Capital Governorate,Kuwait

Presenter: Dr. Martin Trope
New era in biologic and conservative endodontic treatment—
XPEndo 3D Finishing File with Bioceramic Technology
Treatment outcomes for endododontic treatment are based on the health of the apical periodontium and long- term survivability of the tooth. Maximal success for both these objectives requires thorough disinfection of the root canal space without unnecessary removal of dentin followed by sealing of the root canal and coronal space.
The Finisher files are designed and produced using the principles of memory shape of NiTi alloys. The file will have a specific shape programmed due to its molecular memory at the Austenite phase. The file will transform to this final shape at body temperature inside the root canal.
This file is designed to reach areas where traditional NiTi files, that are round in diameter, are unable to reach safely. Thus after initial instrumentation to the minimal diameter of the canal the Expendo Finisher will complete the cleaning to the maximum diameter. In this way the canal is thoroughly cleaned without changes to original shape while conserving dentin. The conservative root treatment is then completed using bioceramic technology that does not require excessive preparation on the coronal part of the canal.
This talk will emphasize the biologic requirement for successful endodontics. Strategies using cutting edge instrumentation and root filling technologies will be discussed that promise equally excellent results for vital and non-vital teeth both for prevention and treatment of apical periodontitis and for the long-term survivability of the tooth. 
Lecture Aims:
Know the biologic requirements for endodontic success.
Differentiate between a vital and non-vital tooth in terms of meeting these requirements.
Know to what extent the newest technologies in endodontics assist in attaining these biologic goals.

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