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Course Overview

A unique, first of its kind in the Middle East in the field of promoting sales strategies and attracting customer's growth.

Introducing Alison Edgar

Alison Edgar is the Entrepreneur's Godmother and managing director of sales coaching solutions.

Enterprise nation named her one of the top 10 business advisers in the UK.

Alison is one of Richtopia's top 100 most influential Entrepreneurs in the UK.

Winner of GB Entrepreneur of the Year Special Merit for Services Award.

Attended the Queen's Rroyal Garden party dedication to enterprise.

For more information about Alison, the Entrepreneur's Godmother, please visit her website:

Introduction An integrated, intensive professional course over two days with full, hands on training on sales basics strategies and techniques which will help to increase sales and stipulate customer's growth.


Entrepreneurs will gain the needed fundamental ropes of the importance sales has when starting and growing a business

How to interpret and utilize buying behaviors

Understand how to target different types of customers and hence to increase one's chances of making successful sales

Learn the sales process, using step-by-step instructions including turning potential customers to paying customers

Develop an effective sales strategy for increasing sales and growing the business

Develop knowledge of organizational structure and how to reach and convinces the decision maker

Understand the demographics to identify the niche target market

How to identify the individual customer's wants and needs by learning multiple techniques to close the sale.

Course content

Learning the 4 basic modules for successful sales strategy. Behaviors

Understand your own beahviours so you can adapt your potential customers. Sales process

Linking the sales process and customer service process together. Sales strategy

A downfall for many business is that they don't develop a sales strategy, it is often overlooked. Focus on your target market. Confidence

Take the leap and turn your passion in to profit, develop win mind set. Targeting customers in: Entrepreneurs.

Sales Managers.

Marketing Managers.

Development Managers.

Newly Graduated and Trainees

The Attendees will receive a Certificate signed by The Entrepreneur's Godmother, Alison Edgar

"" is not responsible for fraudant saller or buyers, Please verify before doing a transaction

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, Hawally, Hawalli Governorate, Kuwait.