Saudi Arabia Receives Kuwaiti Hajj Mission

17 June 2023 Hajj And Umrah

Kuwaiti Hajj mission members are serving the guests of (His Almighty) Allah in Saudi Arabia, the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs announced Saturday. The delegation represents the largest component of committees and teams participating in the mission which includes the Ministries of Health, Information, Interior and Foreign Affairs, and Kuwait Fire Force, Kuwait Red Crescent Society as well as some other bodies, deputy head of the mission Mohammad al-Mutairi said in a press statement.

Al-Mutairi, who also serves as deputy deputy for foreign relations and media at the ministry, added that since the committees and teams arrived on Monday, they have been working on making the necessary arrangements to serve the pilgrims who will visit the sacred places this year.

There will be awareness lectures, lessons, and meetings for the mission's members to help them serve the pilgrims, he said, referring to some committees that will answer pilgrims' questions. In addition, some committees will oversee the Hajj campaigns and facilitate measures of pilgrims during the rituals of Hajj, he elaborated. There will be emergency committees to provide any assistance to the Hajj campaigns or pilgrims, he noted. The media committee coordinates with all media means in a way that serves the mission to cover all activities and meetings, according to Al-Mutairi.


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