Public Holidays In Kuwait 2020
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Public Holidays in Kuwait 2020

Jan 1st    Wednesday    New Year

Jan 2nd  Thursday         New Year (Mostly for Government)

Feb 25th    Tuesday    Kuwait National Day

Feb 26th    Wednesday    Kuwait Liberation Day

Mar 22nd    Sunday    The Prophets Ascenesion

May 24th    Sunday    Eid Al Fitr Holidays

May 25th    Monday    Eid Al Fitr Holidays

May 26th    Tuesday    Eid Al Fitr Holidays

July 30th    Thursday    Arafat Day

July 31st    Friday    Eid Al Adha Holidays

Aug 1st    Saturday    Eid Al Adha Holidays

Aug 2nd    Sunday    Eid Al Adha Holidays

Aug 20th    Thursday    Isalmic New Year

October 29th    Thursday    The Prophet's Birthday

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Kuwait Public Holidays 2020

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