Cost of Living in Kuwait
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The fact is that, most people move to Kuwait for the money. As there’s no tax which offers some major financial benefits. The absence of taxation has a significant impact on the cost of specific basic items, e.g. Cars, Electronic Goods, Gold. On the other hand, the cost of accommodation becomes high, as is that of most of the food items and households goods are  imported , but there are usually plenty of cheaper local and regional produced option that are equally also good in quality

One can say the cost of living in Kuwait is expensive. Your cost of living will obviously depend on your lifestyle There are necessary items and services an average person needs so that they can maintain an average lifestyle.

The calculation of the budget is based on average costs needed to lead a comfortable middle-class life in Kuwait, this is just assumption not accurate, it’s just for information purpose only, it may not be high earning people who earns in thousands. Costs may vary from person or person, Average monthly major expenses for a single person, couple, and family with two children are shown below:

Cost of Living in Kuwait


Housing is the most important thing which decides your lifestyle. The cost of accomodation may differ from place to place at times; it also depends on the facilities offered.

One-bedroom apartment for rent in City Centre range from KWD160 to KWD350.

One-bedroom apartment for rent outside City Centre can be in the range KWD130 to KWD250

Two-bedroom apartment for rent in City Centre range from KWD300 to KWD500.

Two-bedroom apartment for rent outside City Centre can be in the range KWD250 to KWD350.

Three-bedroom apartments for rent in City Centre – KWD400 to KWD800

Three-bedroom apartments rent outside City Centre - KWD280 to KWD500

Single -  Generally single would share accommodation with a family , or group of friends take a flat, if you share accommodation with a family you will get separate room mostly with attached bathroom would cost from KD100 to KD150 depending on the flat rent, if you rent a flat with a group of friends , then per head rent may cost less than KD100



Grocery costs for food and non-alcoholic beverages, cleaning materials including baked goods, baby consumables, canned foods, cheese, baking items, dairy, fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, oil, fruit juices, pet food, pre-cooked meals, sauces, snacks, seafood, soft drinks, herbs and spices, are not that much expensive in comparison to  other places. It depends upon the choice of brand a person chooses.

Post Pandemic the price of groceries increased heavily. Most of the vegetables would cost more than 1 KD per KG

Online Grocery Shopping In Kuwait


The cost of education for kids is free for those working in government or public sector, in private sector, then one need to pay for education. The school fee will vary, as each private school has its own policy. Average education will cost 300KD to 800KD per year.

Fees Structure Of Various Indian Schools In Kuwait


Extra Activities for Kids - Extra activities for kids like dancing, painting, cooking, or any sports would cost 15 to 30 KD per month.



Basic utilities like electricity, water and gas are subsidized to certain extent by the governments, as they target to provide electricity and water at subsidized rates, as they want to give benefit to nationals.

Basic (electricity, heating, cooling, water, garbage) per month - KD5 to KD20


This section includes sports, leisure, dining, clothing and other entertainment expenses, apart from other miscellaneous general expenses.

Meal for two in an inexpensive restaurant could range from KD2 to KD4

Meal for two in a mid-range restaurant could range from KD4 to KD12

Meal for two in an Expensive restaurant could range from KD12 to KD25


Fitness club, monthly fee per adult - KD20 to KD60

Tennis court rent (per hour on weekend) - KD5 to KD20

Cinema, 1 seat - KD3 to KD5

Cinema, 2 tickets - KD7 to KD10



Clothing can a be expensive affair if you opt for designer labels. Here are the approximate budgets:

Pair of Jeans - KWD7 to KWD25

A summer dress from renowned stores like of Zara or H&M - KD8 to KD20

A pair of mid-range Nike Running Shoes - KD20 to KD35



Every Expat would Pay 30 KD per person per year for health insurance. If you are working company will pay for you, Government Health Insurance really helps Expats in serious cases as it helped so many expats as the treatment will be given at nominal price.

Usually expat prefers to a go a private clinic for general physician issues. When it comes something, serious people prefer to visit Government hospitals. If you have a Health Insurance provided by your company, you are lucky!!!!

Expats paying annual health insurance,

One visit to Government Clinic would cost – 2 KD

One visit to a private Clinic would cost – KD 7 to KD 35 depending on hospital

Public wards in government hospital would be charged KD10 per day.

A stay in a private room at a government hospital will cost KD100.

Normal delivery at a government hospital would cost KD 100

Normal delivery at a private hospital would cost KD 400 to KD 900

Caesarean delivery at a government hospital would cost KD 199 to KD 250

Caesarean delivery at a private hospital would cost KD 1000 to KD 2000


Transportation & Car

Bus transport is available throughout Kuwait for nearly USD 1, while taxi fare could range from KD1 to KD3 or KD4.

Car is mandatory to lead a happy comfortable life in Kuwait as Public transport limited to Bus; it would be tough to travel in harsh summer through buses.

When an expat enters Kuwait, once he gets Driving License, he opts for Second hand car, 4 to 5 years old car would cost 3000 KD.

Monthly Petrol would cost 30 to 40 KD; Monthly car Maintenance would cost 15 to 25 KD, Monthly car, Car insurance would cost 15 to 20 KD per year. If car is provided by your company then you are lucky you can save 75 KD to 100 KD.


Mobile & Internet

1Min of prepaid mobile tariff (local) no discounts or plans - KD0.03 to KD0.07
Internet (60mbps or more, unlimited data, cable/ADSL) - KD5 to KD12

Mobile Internet Plans Would Cost from 3 KD to 10 KD



Maid services are optional, it depends on individual choice, usually a maid per hour in a month would charge 25 to 30 KD, two hours 50 to 60 KD, A full time maid from morning 6 AM to 6 Pm would cost 175 to 250 KD.


Note - When you’re negotiating a job contract, it’s responsibility of employer to give a person detailed cost of living figures for the country, which will be helpful in deciding whether the proposed job is financially attractive or not.


Incase if we miss something or if there are any mistakes please let us know








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