Young Woman ‘raped’ After Given Narcotic Pills By Her Friends
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As the saying goes, beware your enemy once and your friend a thousand times, police have summoned for interrogation two young women for giving their friend narcotic pills after convincing her that it was a kind of vitamin, reports Al-Rai daily.

The daily quoting security sources said, according to a complaint filed by the victim’s father at a local police station, his daughter asked permission to go to a chalet in the south of the country with two of her friends.

According to him the daughter said the two women gave her a pill and said it was vitamin and after consuming it she lost her balance and after some time a young man came and he sexually assaulted her.

The father has given police the details about her daughter’s friends and the address of the chalet where the incident happened. The Al-Anba daily said the incident happened during a birthday party and the friend gave her the Larika tablet and she lost consciousness.



25 Sep, 2019 0 1640
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