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I came to Kuwait on Farm visa (Mazra) and my current employer asked me to leave the country as they were ready to bring me on their shoon visa from my country. I also brought my wife on family visa few months ago. I have worked for more than 3 years with my current employer.

2 years on the visa I was brought and one year on shoon visa of different company but under same kafil/ sponsor. I am getting better opportunity now but my kafil is not allowing me to leave the company even after several request attempts as they brought me from my home country on their visa. He gave me two options either I continue to work with him or finish my visa and leave. My question to you is what is advisable for me in this case.

Can I get my visa transferred to another company by any means?
Does my wife’s visa stay valid if I finish my current visa, exit the country and come back on new visa?.
Name withheld

Answer: Legally you have worked only one year for the sponsor as you cancelled the ealier farm visa and came back on a shoon visa as you indicated. Under the shoon visa you have worked for only one year and still have two more years to complete before you can ask for release.
Till then, your hands are tied and you can’t do anything as regard being released except with the acquiescence of the current sponsor.
With regard to your second question, please note that your wife’s visa is tied to your’s. This means that your visa status will affect your wife’s visa status as well. In short your wife’s visa cannot stay valid if you cancel yours and exit the country.



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