World Will Be Witness To High Temperature In The Coming Years Until 2022
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A couple of days ago, some researchers published a study in which they disclosed that the world will be witness to high temperature in the coming years until 2022, adding the climate will be drier than ever.

This means there are hot days ahead in hot areas with low rate of rainfall, reports Al-Seyassah daily. Report added the expected hot days and less rainfall will largely affect t the inhabitants of hot areas, and if this report is anything to go by, it means that humans will pay dearly in their bid to achieve advancement, which will lead to a change in environment and feeding in the medium and long term.

This calls for a comprehensive review of industrial activities to possibly do away with some of the advancement phenomena, if human beings truly wish to continue living on this planet.

Another set of researchers blew another alarm recently in a scientific journal, saying the heat waves hitting the seas are increasing progressively with negative effects such as whitening of the coral reef and spread of poisonous algae. This situation threatens the marine ecosystem and contributes to mass fish demise.


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