Work Permits For Juveniles Are Denied By PAM
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According to Dr. Fahd Al-Murad, Director of The Inspection Department at Public Authority for Manpower, no work permits have been issued for juveniles between 15 and 18, and the matter is being reviewed to determine if juveniles are needed, based on market needs and other factors, as per the rules for regulating the labor market and limiting violations.

In an interview with a local Arabic daily, Al-Murad explained that Article 27 of Labor Law No. 6 of 2010 stipulates that "if the employment contract is for an indefinite period, a person over the age of 15 can conclude it," adding that the authority is the only one who can issue a work permit under Article 20 of the Labor Law.

When the owners of companies and shops fail to issue work permits to workers in this category, and if any worker is caught violating the law, the PAM inspectors will issue a notification requesting that the violation be avoided and visit the facility again to ensure compliance.

If a juvenile worker violates the law again within 3 years, he or she will be fined 100 dinars with a maximum of 200 dinars, and if the offence is repeated within 3 years, the penalty will be doubled.

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