Woman Bitten By Snake; Husband Takes Snake To Hospital
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The husband of a woman bitten by a snake in her home caught the reptile and put it in a bottle after the attack.

Along with the snake in the bottle, he took the woman to the hospital.

As of now, the woman is being treated in the district hospital.

"If you ask me which snake bitten my wife, I will tell you," said Ramendra Yadav when doctors asked him why he brought the snake along with him. I wanted you to be able to see it for yourself."

Afzal Nagar, in the Makhi police circle, was the scene of the incident, which took place early Friday morning.

Reporters later learned that Yadav plans to release the snake after his wife is released from the hospital.

In order to allow the snake to breathe, he pierced holes in the plastic bottle.

25 Jun, 2022 1323
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