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I would like to clarify my doubts regarding the new law on dependent visa. My wife is pregnant and planning to deliver in Kuwait in April, 2017. I brought my wife and daughter to Kuwait dependent visas and later transferred wife’s residence to Article 18. She is working now. And my daughter is here still on my sponsorship. My salary is KD 350. Will we face problems to get iqama for our newborn in this situation?

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Answer: Yes, you will face a slight problem in getting the residence for your newborn because you are earning less than the KD 450 required to get residence for your dependents.

You are also not allowed club your salaries. You still have a very good chance because the Director General of Immigration has the authority to study and if needed approve applications of those expatriates who are earning less than KD 450, especially if both the parents are already in Kuwait or if the baby is born in Kuwait.

There are, however, 14 categories which are exempted from the KD 450 minimum salary condition.

These include advisors, judges, public prosecution staff, legal experts and researchers in the public sector; doctors and pharmacists; professors at universities, colleges and higher institutes; public school principals and vice-principals, education supervisors, teachers, social advisors and laboratory assistants in the public sector; academic, financial and economic consultants; engineers; imams, preachers, muezzins and Quran teachers; librarians in government establishments and private universities; health ministry staff including nurses, paramedics, technicians and social service workers; social workers and psychologists in the public sector; journalists, media staff and reporters; coaches and players affiliated with sports associations and clubs; pilots and flight attendants; and washers and buriers of dead bodies. You will face no problems at all if your designation on the work permit falls into one of the above categories.



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