WHO Opposes The Request For A Certificate Of Vaccination Against Corona As A Condition For Travel
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Today, Friday, the World Health Organization (WHO) emergency committee announced its opposition to the request for certificates of vaccination against the emerging corona virus, as a condition for international travelers to enter countries.

The committee said in its recommendations, "There are still many major unknowns regarding the effectiveness of vaccines in terms of reducing virus transmission, and vaccines are currently available in limited quantities," adding that proof of vaccination should not exclude other preventive health measures.

And some countries that have started vaccination campaigns against the virus have announced that a special vaccination certificate containing information confirming obtaining the anti-corona vaccine will be given to those who receive the second dose.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) announced that it is currently in the final stage of developing a digital passport for the Coronavirus, which will become an essential component in rebuilding the global tourism industry that was shattered by the pandemic. According to the British newspaper "Daily Mail", the digital passport will be for aircraft passengers and international travelers, to prove that they are free of the Corona virus, as well as to prove that they have received the anti-virus vaccine.



16 Jan, 2021 0 1020
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