What May Get You Deported In Kuwait
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Kuwait has stepped up deportations of expatriate workers this year, a newspaper in the Gulf emirate reported on Friday, with most expelled for overstaying their residency permits but others sent home for traffic offences.

In the first four months of the year, authorities deported 14,400 expats in 2016 till now, compared with 26,600 in the whole of 2015, Al Anba newspaper reported.

Expatriates make up some 70 per cent of Kuwait’s 4.3 million population.

In April 2013, then labour minister Thekra Al Rashidi announced plans to deport around 100,000 expatriates each year for the next decade to reduce the number of foreigners living in the emirate by one million.

The government made a string of traffic offences punishable by deportation, including jumping red lights and driving without a licence, a document difficult for many expats to obtain.

Al Anba said most of the deportations were carried out without trial, using powers given to senior interior ministry officials.

Source - Al Anba

Following may lead to deportation in kuwait , Please avoid them

1. Driving Without License

Driving With Out License in Kuwait


2. Change in Profession without handing over driving license

Change of Profession Without Handing Over Driving License in Kuwait

3. Staying without valid visa

Staying Without Valid Residency in Kuwait

4. Fighting in Public

Public Brawl in Kuwait May lead to Deporation

5. Partying with loud music

Partying in Kuwait will lead to Deportation

6. Consumption of Alcohol and Drugs

Consumption of Alcohol and Drugs in Kuwait

7. Offering illegal international call services

Offering Illegal International Calling Services in Kuwait


8.Trading in Drugs and Alcohol

Trading in Drugs And Alcohol

9. Expats suffering with Infeactious Diseases

Expats Suffering Infectious Diseases


10. Expats will face deportation who violate Environmental laws

Enivronmental laws in Kuwait

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