Weapons , RPG , Ammunition Were Found Dumped Inside Dumpster At Sulaibikhat Area
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Security services have seized a quantity of weapons and explosives inside a dumpster in Gharnata area, the Ministry of Interior (MoI) announced on Wednesday.
The ministry's departments of special security forces and criminal evidence were informed by a Kuwait Municipality worker about weapons that he has found inside a dumpster, the ministry said in a statement, adding that all weapons were seized by security forces.


Security forces seized 40 mm weapons, seven wooden boxes and three metal boxes of live ammunition, three RPG missiles, one spear, nine bullet shells of a special weapon, four automatic weapons, 16 RPG propellant cartridges, seven Kalashnikov rifles, and an MP5 weapon, said the ministry.
They also found two wooden boxes that contained 20 hand grenades, seven RGD-5, and 43 hand guns, it noted, adding that investigations are currently ongoing to uncover circumstances of the incident

02 Sep, 2015 2584
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