Watch: A Saudi Tourist Saved An Austrian Family From Drowning

10 August 2022 Saudi Arabia

In Austria, a man and his daughter were saved from drowning by a young Saudi man. Social media users are hailing him as a hero.

Reports said the Saudi tourist jumped into action when he saw the man and his daughter drowning in a lake near Hallstatt village in Austria. The man and his daughter were rescued by him and two of his friends after diving into the lake.

A video of the Saudi man's heroic deed has gone viral. Unidentified man said he did so because he imagined his daughter in the same situation and there was nothing he could do but save her.

In Austria's Tyrol region, a Saudi teacher and his 4-year-old son were killed after he saved his wife and two other children in a train crash last week.

He extricated himself and two other sons, aged 7 and 11, from their car after it became stuck at a railroad crossing.

He was trying to remove the infant from a baby seat when the train struck, a relative said on Twitter.

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