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I am working with a private bank in Kuwait for the past 6 months. I have been recruited from my home country directly. As per my visa (18), I have to give 3 months notice.

Can I change my job to a government company if I get a offer by serving 3 months notice period?

Can I join the government company in a different designation? Do I need to go back to my home country and come to Kuwait on a new visa, if so any time frame for the same? What is the best possible option for me to shift in the current scenario?

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Answer: Unless your sponsor is willing to waive his rights, the labour law mandates him to keep you working for him for three years because he brought you from your country to work in the bank.

The 3 months notice period is also mandatory and regardless of the number of years you have worked for a company.

You always have to inform the company three months in advance when you want to quit. We must also point out that even if the bank has no objection in you leaving them, your request for a visa transfer might face some obstacles at the Public Authority for Manpower as latter is not prone to approving visa transfers for applicants who have not worked for at least one year for their companies before asking for transfers to other companies.

There is no time-frame within which to leave Kuwait, go back to your country and return to Kuwait on a new visa. The time depends on how fast the new company representative will process the documents to enable you leave and return to Kuwait.



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