Want To Cancel The Work Contracts - Company Not Providing Medical Allowance
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What is the procedure to cancel the work contracts in Kuwait. Our company is not providing medical allowance or transportation to the hospital if an employee suffers from personal health issues or any disease.

Name withheld

Answer: Your question is very ambiguous and as such we can’t give you an accurate reply.

We would need the following information to provide you an answer:

1. Were you hired abroad or locally

2. Is yours an open-ended contract or fixed-period contract

3. Do you wish to cancel the contract because the firm has violated the contract’s terms and conditions or just because you don’t want to serve with this firm anymore.

4. How long have you served with this firm 5. Any other information you can provide (doesn’t matter how trivial, it could be important).



17 Sep, 2016 1547
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