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I am looking for some advice regarding visit visa for my mother. Please be advised that I am having a salary of KD 508 and I would like to know whether it is possible for me to bring my mother with this salary scale, because as per the article which was published on 10 Jan 2019 in Arab Times it was stated that “General Department for Residency Affairs affiliated to Ministry of Interior has issued new regulations concerning visit visas of different types, reports Al-Anba daily.

As per the new regulations, expatriates can apply for visit visas for their parents provided their monthly salaries are not less than KD 500.” Also please be advised that year of birth of my mother is 1951 (68 years), and as per the article which was published on Oct 18, 2018 in Kuwait Times it states that “The Interior Ministry has lifted age restrictions for expatriates to bring their parents on visit visas. The department of residency was not issuing such visas for parents above 60 years of age. But now, expatriates can obtain visit visas for their parents regardless of their age after authorities began collecting medical charges for the treatment of the parents. The department said that the visas will be for one month that can be renewed by directors of departments in various governorates.”

I mentioned these published details for you to inform you that, after reading these articles, I went to apply at the Farwaniya governorate where I was rejected and was sent back even without a token number and they informed everyone that “If the salary is below KD 600 no need to wait for token.”

In this regard, please advise me if it is possible for me to get visa for my mother with KD 500, because some of my colleagues applied and got visa for their parents who are under Mishref Governorate and I will give a try one more time or if it is KD 600 I don’t need to waste my one day of work as we have only 30 days of annual leave. Awaiting your kind reply.

Name withheld

Answer: According to you some of your colleagues were granted visit visas for their mother even though they earn the same salary as you. This means the KD 500 salary quoted in the Arab Times works and the gentleman who talked KD 600 did so to probably whittle about down the number of applicants to a manageable level or he was practically not abreast with the latest rule governing the subject. In short the new rule talks about KD 500 so we advise that you go back and make another try and if the man comes up with the same excuse just ignore him and ask to see a more senor official for clarification.

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