Visit Visa Transfer Into Residency Visa – Is It True?
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I am an Indian and my salary is more than KD 1,500 per month. I would like to bring my wife 2nd time on visit visa and once she arrives in Kuwait then I would like to convert her visit visa into residency visa. I read the news from Arab Times that the said conversion is feasible (action is already undertaken for implementation by MoI), Shall appreciate to provide clarifications/confirmation on my above understanding and provide details such as procedure, fee with respect to the above query at your earliest.

Name withheld

Answer: As a service to our esteemed readers, we carried in the October 24 edition of the Arab Times, a full page (Page 8) article headlined ‘MoI details visit-to- work visa transfers’. We therefore suggest that you get a copy of that edition and you can find all that you need to know about the visit-to-work visa announcement.



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