Video - Why A Kuwait Filipina Maid’s Post Got Over 12 Million Views
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A heartfelt 30-second clip shared by a Filipina caregiver, Cecil Ciabo Orillan, has created a significant buzz online, amassing over 11 million views on the popular platform, Facebook Reels. This viral video encapsulates a moving narrative of mutual affection, empathy, and unwavering loyalty, deeply touching the hearts of social media users around the world.

Orillan, a dedicated 37-year-old domestic worker based in Kuwait, is the central figure in this viral sensation. The impactful scene shows four children, aged between 2.5 and 11 years, energetically racing towards Orillan, their voices echoing with excitement as they greet her upon her entry into their home.

Recounting the story behind this viral video, Orillan expressed, "The embrace of the children was filled with warmth and joy, making me feel as though I was their biological mother."

Prior to a brief hiatus, Orillan had spent seven years providing her services to this loving family. After marrying her long-time partner, she had originally planned to relocate back to her homeland permanently, with the intent of personally raising her own children. However, just four months into her return, she was requested by her former employer to come back due to the children's profound longing for her. Moved by this request, she resumed her role as their caregiver in February of that year.

Before joining her current family, Orillan had worked for two other households. However, it was this family that treated her as their own, supporting and caring for her whenever she required help. Hence, when they asked her to return, she didn't hesitate.

Orillan admits, "Leaving my own family and putting my plans on hold was a bittersweet decision."

Orillan's family resides in Bacoor City, located 30 kilometers south of Manila, the capital city of the Philippines. She is a mother to two boys, aged 17 and 12, and an eight-year-old girl from a previous relationship. Her current partner, whom she married recently, looks after their children.

"My children were supportive of my decision to work overseas again. I am fortunate to have a compassionate and supportive husband who takes good care of our children," Orillan confided.

Despite being an active participant on social media platforms and having aspirations to be a content creator, Orillan didn't anticipate that her video would achieve viral status.

"I was unaware that our reunion was being filmed that day. I shared the clip, which was recorded on February 20, on March 13. In just a few days, the video went viral, garnering over 11 million views," she stated.

The video's universal appeal, Orillan believes, lies in its relatable narrative. "The children's joyous welcome, their happiness on seeing me again, struck a chord with viewers. My story of love and dedication mirrors the experiences of countless other Filipina caregivers who leave their families to care for others," she said.

Emphasizing the video's deeper message, Orillan shared, "The video symbolizes love and commitment, traits often necessary when living and working abroad. By sharing this video, I hope to inspire kindness and respect among people. That's the core message of the video, and I believe that's why it connected with so many."

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