Verdict In Two Fraud Cases Set For Thursday
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The Court of Appeals presided over by Judge Nasser Salem Al-Heid has adjourned to Thursday the two cases “embezzlement in Ministry of Health” and “fingerprint forgery in Ministry of Electricity and Water” for issuing verdicts

. In the “embezzlement” case, the Criminal Court previously had ruled to acquit a former undersecretary, his son and a director of the company accused of embezzling public funds.

It convicted one of the officials of embezzlement and obliged him to pay KD 72,000 to one of the companies, as well as discharged him from his duties and imposed a fine of KD 144,000. The court had based its judgment on lack of concrete evidences against the three accused.

The Public Prosecution had referred the case to court following a report by the Kuwait Anti- Corruption Authority against the suspects, accusing them of expropriating KD 117,000 and forging official documents and bank papers but they denied the accusations.

Regarding the second case of forging work attendance fingerprints and receiving salaries and wages undeservedly of which 35 employees in Ministry of Electricity and Water have been accused, the Criminal Court had acquitted all the defendants.



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