Various MoI Sectors Working Together To Maintain Security And Stability
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Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Lt Gen Sheikh Khaled Al- Jarrah said the ministry places the security and stability of the country at the top of its priorities and disclosed there is a vast coordination between various sectors of the ministry to maintain security and safety, reports Al-Rai daily.

This came in response to the proposal of MP Muhammad Hayef who had touched on the need to establish a department of external guard posts covering the land, islands and travel routes.

In reply Al-Jarrah said the Ministry of Interior spares no effort in the area of security, safety and stability throughout the country, including land areas, islands, travel routes and external roads.

MP Riyadh Al-Adasani said it is has become obvious that the security agencies are ill prepared to deal with security issues and cited the case of the drone which penetrated Kuwait unnoticed. MP Al-Dalal asked the ministers of Interior and Defense about the establishment of a specialized agency for crisis and emergency management, and called on the government to take all measures to protect Kuwait’s airspace.

Al-Dallal wondered what it means a drone entering Kuwaiti airspace and hovering over a vital area. He said this issue is serious in terms of internal and external security. In the meantime, MP Abdullah Al- Kandari has asked the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Lt Gen Sheikh Khaled Al-Jarrah to give details about the reported dismissal of the head of a prominent security apparatus.

Al-Kandari referred to the news report which talked about the dismissal of the head of a vital security department. He disclosed, according to the news the official was dismissed for covering up and supporting the activities of a foreign cell.

Al-Kandari asked why the government has neither confirmed nor denied the authenticity of the news in question. The parliamentarian said if the news report is true, the government must give details of the incident to the House.



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