Validity Of Driving Licence , Came Back To Kuwait On New Visa
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I got a driving licence in 1996. My licence expired on April 6, 2017. Now I am on a new visa (18) and the profession mentioned is ‘Labourer’. My old profession was Spare Parts Incharge. I just arrived one month ago on the new visa. I heard that under new Kuwait Law a change in the profession in residency, cannot renew licence. So please advise if I can renew the licence or not. Thanking you and waiting for your reply.

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Answer: The fact that you arrived in Kuwait one month ago on new visa means that your old work visa and residence permit were cancelled before you left Kuwait. Since the validity of the driving licence is tied to the validity of the residence permit, the cancellation of the residence permit means the driving licence is automatically cancelled. You therefore cannot renew your old driving licence. If you need a driving licence you have to apply all over again but before doing that make sure that you meet the requirements to be granted a driving licence. The rule on change of profession vis-avis driving licence renewal affects only driver, housewife, mandoub and student.



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