US Tourist Visa Holder Applying For Kuwait Visa On Arrival
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I am working in KNPC, having salary of KD 1,050. My mother and father have US tourist visa for 10 years. I want them to visit Kuwait next month. So do I need to apply for family visit visa for my parents or On Arrival Visa will be given to them because they have valid USA tourist visa of 10 years? Looking forward for positive response soon.

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Answer: The On Arrival Visa is given to citizens who hold valid passports of the countries that qualify for such a visa. Your parents holding 10-year tourist visas do not make them US citizens and hence they can’t be issued with visas on arrival in Kuwait. For them to visit Kuwait, you have to apply for visas for them here before they take off from wherever they are.



11 Nov, 2019 0 2826
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