Uncovering 90% Of Food Truck Concerns

24 July 2023 Food

Muhammad Al-Jaba'a, Director of the Jahra Governorate Municipality Branch's Cleaning and Road Occupancy Department, reported that 30 violating mobile food trucks and 80 neglected cars had been removed from the governorate's regions during the month of July, according to Al-Rai daily. This is in addition to 80 abandoned cars from the governorate’s areas. Consequently, the municipality's senior administration has developed a comprehensive plan that prohibits mobile vehicles from parking anywhere in the area, particularly on highways, roundabouts, and residential streets, pointing out that 90 percent of these vehicles lack municipal licenses.

The noncompliance with regulations has led to numerous complaints from residents about the locations of these carts. The decision to ban these mobile food trucks is motivated by several reasons.

Firstly, their presence has been causing problems such as obstructing the vision of drivers and creating traffic congestion.

Secondly, these trucks often become gathering spots that lead to disruptions and quarrels. Lastly, they have been found to sell damaged and unsafe food products, posing health risks to the public.

The source said that the issue of the presence of food trucks requires an immediate decision to prevent their presence in the areas of private and typical housing, as well as on main roads, specifically leading to chalets, and farms. These carts need to be reorganized and distributed, or banned altogether, he added.


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