Two Political Activists Suspect In Bangladeshi MP Case
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The Anti-Corruption Commission in Bangladesh continues to investigate all those who may be involved in the case of the Bangladeshi MP residing in Kuwait, who is also known as ‘Pablo’ and is a Member of Parliament in Bangladesh and allegedly owns a cleaning company in partnership with a Kuwaiti, reports Al-Rai daily.

In this connection, according to what has been published by the ‘Dhaka Tribune’, a Bangladeshi newspaper, the deputy director of the committee, Muhammad Salah al-Din, has personally interrogated the two suspects, identified only as A.S. Tebu and A. Hussein, for their suspected involvement with Pablo and two political activists belonging to the Awami League (Bangladeshi political party) in money laundering. The two suspects (political activists) now make the list of suspects which also includes the wife of Pablo and her sister J.P. and daughter W.I.


Source: Arabtimes kuwait

13 Sep, 2020 0 271
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