Two Kuwaiti Citizens Kidnapped In Iraq Raise Diplomatic Concerns

25 December 2023 Middle East News

Al-Sharqiya, an Iraqi channel, reported on Monday an incident that occurred in Al-Mashaif in the Anbar Governorate, which involved the kidnapping of two Kuwaiti citizens and the subsequent burning of their vehicles. Members of parliament, including MP Majid Al-Mutairi, responded immediately to the news, revealing that he had spoken to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sheikh Salem Al-Sabah, and the ambassador of the Republic of Iraq to Kuwait, Al-Manhal Al-Safi.

The social media update Al-Mutairi posted on platform "X" emphasized the imperative nature of dialogue with both diplomatic entities to confirm the diplomatic initiatives under way, ascertain the well-being of the abducted citizens, and ensure their safety. MP Dr. Hamad Al-Matar expressed the same concerns in a similar online post, urging the Minister of Foreign Affairs to take swift and decisive action for the prompt release of the kidnapped individuals. In addition, Al-Matar called on Iraqi officials and security authorities to facilitate the safe return of Kuwaiti citizens, pledging to closely monitor developments by engaging with the foreign minister.

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