Tweets Hired To Seed Dissent
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MP Saleh Ashour said some people are paid to operate accounts on Twitter and that their job is to create confusion, bankruptcy and weaken the system.

He called on all parties to work in the interest of the nation and “abstain from stirring sedition and destabilizing national unity.” Speaking about the Financial and Economic Affairs Committee of the National Assembly, Ashour who is also the Rapporteur of the committee, said the Minister of Finance had failed to attend the meeting.

He stated an invitation was sent to the Minister of Finance but he failed to attend. However, Minister of Finance Nayef Al-Hajraf claimed the invitation had not reached him which caused the postponement of the meeting.

In the meantime, Ashour has revealed that the report of the committee on early retirement will be presented during Wednesday’s session. He pointed out he has not received any amendments in this regard either from the MPs or the government. About his grilling request against Minister of Social Affairs and Labor, Hind Al-Sabeeh, he said he did not address the issue of the Al-Thaqlain Association and the decision for its closure. He pointed out the interpellation includes three key points.

Furthermore, Chairman of the Budgets and Final Account Committee MP Adnan Abdul-Samad revealed the committee met Sunday in the presence of the Minister of Education and Minister of Higher Education Dr Hamed Al-Azmi to discuss the draft budget of the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training (PAAET) for fiscal 2018/2019 and its final account for the fiscal 2016/2017 and the observations made by the Audit Bureau and the Financial Controllers Agency.

He added during the meeting the new leadership of the Authority has shown its intention to cooperate with the supervisory authorities, especially since many observations were made over the years. For example, during the past two financial years, the Authority has refused to pay for 671 forms that the Financial Supervisory Authority has refrained from adopting and the majority of these observations have been going on for years.

For his part, the Minister said he will look at all the observations made by the Auditors on positions not mentioned in the organizational structure, including those newly created which were confirmed by the Committee.

This came after it was discovered that since its foundation in 2017 the Committee had issued several decisions to fill 17 supervisory positions that do not conform to the qualifications and experience of applicants.

The Financial Supervisory agency also confirmed that the disbursement of representation allowances for names not included in the organizational structure is considered a waste of public funds and that the Authority delayed recording the indebtedness of one of its employees for an undue representation allowance of more than 10,000 dinars and several other observations in the same context.

The expenses of the budget of the authority in the new fiscal year amounted to 14 million dinars for the previous financial years for extra hours than the real working hours, which the committee stressed on the need to verify the eligibility for these amounts.

The Committee pointed out that the repetition of such claims needed to be verified by the Minister, especially the Committee when approving the 10 million dinars, it had the objective of closing all previous claims with putting up a binding budgetary requirement that budgetary obligations should be adhered to and not exceeded. On the issue of filling vacant position



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