Travel Agencies Packages For Expats Who Want To Return From 31 Restricted Countries
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Considering the current Pandemic situation all over the world,Kuwait has restricted travel from 31 countries, so expats cannot return back to Kuwait from these restricted  countries.

The list includes: Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Pakistan, India, Egypt, Bangladesh, Philippines, China, Nepal, Brazil, Colombia, Armenia, Syria, Spain, Singapore, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Indonesia, Chile, Hong Kong, Italy, North Macedonia, Moldova, Panama, Peru, Serbia, Montenegro, the Dominican Republic and Kosovo.

Travel agencies are taking this as an opportunity to make money, they are offering travel packages to expats who want to return from restricted countries back to Kuwait including hotel stay in a non-banned country for 14 days with PCR test and ticket.

The travel agencies are taking advantage of the situation and making 200% profit for such packages as the overall cost is around KD 320.

The Travel Agencies are presently looking for the choices of county to which the expats from banned countries can go as the overall expense depends on 4 elements.

1. Cost of Airlines ticket from restricted to non-restricted country
2. Accommodation cost for 14 days.
3. PCR testing
4. Cost of ticket back to Kuwait.

The first choice is to pick a destination from non-restricted countries where numerous lodgings options are there, which will go from KD 120 ahead along with an air ticket cost of KD 150 to KD 75 provided that if it is a group booking with  visa and PCR cost about KD 50

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