Transferring UAE Driving Licence To Kuwait Driving Licence
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My Dubai driving licence is valid till September 2020. However I have cancelled my visa/Emirates ID and I have returned to home country (India) 5 months ago. Now I have joined same company in Kuwait and I got the work visa stamped on my passport and Civil ID here in Kuwait. In this regard can I drive vehicle in Kuwait with my available valid Dubai driving licence?

Name withheld

Answer: With the cancellation of your visa/ID in Dubai if the latter has similar traffic laws as prevail in Kuwait, then we will assume that cancellation of your Dubai residence permit meant automatic cancellation of your driving licence. But assuming also that your Dubai driving licence is still valid you cannot drive with the said licence in Kuwait when you are on Kuwait residence permit. So please, be advised not to attempt to drive with the said driving licence in Kuwait.


02 Aug, 2018 0 298
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