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Hi! I’m a 20-year-old guy on a temporary visa. My dependent visa expired about two months ago and this is my second extension and this expires in a month and half. Recently I’ve had a dispute with my parents about working. I insisted that I won’t work with my father anymore, who is a mechanic. So now my dad won’t help me find a sponsor or a job. And I have no ideas about how to get a work permit or the whole process.

So can you give me a brief description on transferring dependent residence visa to work residence visa? And what are the documents I’d need? And my last concern is: from what I could gather from the articles I’ve read online, I’d be through a probation period which is about 3 months if I found a job. But my visa expires in a month and a half. What’d happen after that? Please help clear things for me. Thank you for all your efforts and consideration. You’re doing a great job spreading information to people like us.


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Answer: Visa 14, also referred to as temporary visa is issued to a recipient to prevent him or her being classified as an illegal resident as processes are ongoing to renew his or her residence permit.

In your case you are seeking to transfer your dependent visa to a work visa but as you explained your father who is your sponsor is not cooperating with you on that score.

With this development we are sorry to say that you cannot on your own do anything on your own except with explicit cooperation with your dad. Even if you succeed to get a job on your own, your father has to give a release as your sponsor before you can take up the new job.

Our advise to you is that settle your differences with your father, let him renew your dependent visa and with his blessing you can look for a job and when you land one, he will then give you a release to take up that job. Please note that you have no option on this issue and if you remain recalcitrant you will soon find yourself staying in Kuwait as an illegal resident and when you are caught you will be deported.


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