Transferred From Company Visa To Project Visa – Can I Transfer Back To Company Visa

24 October 2018 Project Visa

I entered Kuwait in June 2006 on a company visa, not a project visa. In December 2008 I got released from that company and since then my visa is project visa till now in KOC project. So, I want to know if I can transfer my visa from this project category to private company?

Name withheld

Answer: All things being equal, having entered Kuwait for the first time on company visa, the Law allows you to return to company visa after transferring to other visas like the project visa you are currently on.

Unfortunately, things are not always equal and it is possible that your application for a visa transfer could be rejected by an official who would tell you by his understanding of the Law, that you cannot transfer a project visa to company visa.

In such a situation you have to argue out your case by insisting to see a more senior officer to put your case before him.  



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