Transfer Of Residence From Family (Dependent) To Private
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I am a doctor, presently residing in Kuwait as a dependent on my husband (Article 22). I arrived in Kuwait at the end of October 2018. I now have a job and the company asked me to get the transfer of residence done from Article 22 to 18. I have been told that since I am transferring the residence before one year of residence in Kuwait, I will have to pay KD 300 as penalty. I would like to ask you, who has to pay the KD 300? Is it supposed to be paid by the company who is employing me? Or does it have to be paid by me personally? I kindly request you to please help me in this matter.

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Answer: The rule says that to transfer from Visa 22 to 18, the applicant should have spent at least one year in Kuwait since first entry. The rule also says that university degree holders could however apply for such transfers at any point of time. Being a doctor therefore we are at a loss as to why the company is talking about non-completion of one year and the payment of KD 300.

Having said the preceding, we must add that the issue should not be about who pays the KD 300 but about who needs a job.

In this respect, the company would not have told you to pay the KD 300 if they had any intention of paying the amount if indeed such an amount is to be paid.

Indeed, if you need the job then you have to go according to what the company says. On the other hand if you feel the company is fleecing the money from you without any justification, then you are free to turn down the company’s request.



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