Tinting Of Car Window Glasses In Kuwait
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With regards to the current law applicable for the tinting of car window glasses in Kuwait, please clarify the exact law applicable. The information circulating around with the public and tint applicants seems not clear. Some are saying that tinting with 30% darkness is allowed for all glasses except the front windshield. But others say that tinting is not allowable on the front/driver side windows and extreme back windows. Please provide some clarity on this.

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Answer: Article 46 of the traffic law as amended, allows car owners in Kuwait to tint the windows of their cars, except those at the front and driver’s side but the darkness level should not exceed 30 pct. This is the law as paraphrased and to the best of our knowledge, we are not aware of any other changes made to the law.



20 Sep, 2019 2418
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