Time Frame To Transfer Visa After Serving Notice Period
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My notice period ends on Nov 30, 2019. After that how much time I will get to transfer my visa to another sponsor?

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Answer: According to the Labour Law when a company terminates the services of a worker it must give the worker adequate time to search for a new job and hence a new sponsor. Under the law the employer is also enjoined to give the worker at least a day off in a week during the notice period to look for a job. This not withstanding, we must point out that the law does not give you a blank cheque to unnecessarily delay with the transfer process under the pretext of still working for a job. By extension, the employer has to give you reasonable time after the expiry of the notice period to continue looking for a job if you could not land one during that period. In short there is no time frame spelt out in the Labour Law within which to complete the transfer process.



30 Oct, 2019 2082
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