Ticket Prices For Those Coming From Three Destinations Have Risen 5 Times
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Arabic local newspaper Alqabas reported that After the cabinet’s decision to raise the capacity of arrivals to Kuwait International Airport to be 10,000 arrivals per day, the air transport market is still witnessing a steady rise in travel ticket prices, which have reached record limits due to limited seats and an increase in demand to return to the country.

The head of the Federation of Tourism and Travel Offices, Muhammad Al-Mutairi, revealed that the prices of tickets for those coming from destinations from India, the UAE and the Philippines are high, due to the decisions of limited seats and only the arrival of 10,000 passengers per day, without raising the capacity.

Al-Mutairi stated that the prices of arrivals from Dubai, India and the Philippines range between 300 to 400 dinars, especially that those coming from India and the Philippines are mostly domestic workers, which has burdened the citizens waiting for the arrival of this labor.

Al-Mutairi called for the abolition of travel restrictions, saying, “Unfortunately, we are the first to implement the restrictions, and we will be the last country to lift them.”

And he indicated that there are approximately 2,000 seats per day of capacity that are not used by some airlines, so they must be redirected to India and the UAE immediately.

Al-Mutairi renewed his demand to open the airport with full operational capacity, similar to neighboring countries, according to government promises, when the vaccination rate reaches 80%.

He continued: «The need for the air transport market is higher and greater than the current situation for several reasons, including the desire of tens of thousands of residents to return to the country after a ban that lasted for about 8 months, noting that the solution is to open up and reopen the skies while taking health measures and conditions.

He stated that many countries of the world have began to return air traffic to their normal rates, and these countries enjoy vaccination rates that are lower or equal to the vaccination rates in Kuwait, which has the highest vaccination rates in the world.




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