Three Kuwaiti Citizens Were Arrested For Attacking A Policeman In Salmiya Area
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Three Kuwaiti citizens were arrested for attacking a policeman in Salmiya area as well as consuming liquor and possessing three liquor bottles. A video clip of the incident, which was captured by one of the suspects and uploaded on the Internet, went viral on social media. The General Department of Public Relations and Security Media of Ministry of Interior revealed in a press statement that a case has been filed against the three citizens who were detained in a police station for necessary legal action. It explained that the policeman who is affiliated to Public Security Sector was patrolling Salmiya area when he noticed a motorist driving his vehicle recklessly. He ordered the motorist to pull over and checked the IDs of the motorist and his two passengers to discover they are all Kuwaiti citizens. He also noticed their disoriented state and checked the vehicle to find three liquor bottles. While trying to arrest them, two of the suspects including the motorist attacked the policeman while the third suspect filmed the incident. Eventually, other police teams arrived at the location and arrested the suspects, referring them with the liquor bottles to the nearest police station.


26 Jan, 2018 772
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