Three Indian Sailors Stuck In Kuwait Since Three Years, Where They Cannot Work Or Travel Back To India
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On May 13 2013, Kuwaiti coastguard arrested four Indian sailors named Savi singh, Rajesh Kumar, Ram Surub and Jabbar Al upon arrival at Kuwait port on charges for smuggling diesel. They appealed to the Prime Minister of their country over the phone in order to intervene on their behalf with Kuwaiti Authorities. They voiced that around 30 months ago, they were working under the command of Captain Massoud Khalif when the coast guard arrested them. On being questioned by the Times of India officials; one of the crew members; Savi Singh said that they were unaware about the fact that diesel fuel transfer is illegal in the country. This unawareness led them to be detained for a few months after which the Captain was released. Adding to this, the crew members mentioned that though they were released and are free to travel within the country and still unable to work in Kuwait or return back to India. The crew members also said that all their efforts to seek help from the Indian embassy in Kuwait were in vain. They tried emailing and tweeting the Prime Minister of India but are still awaiting a reply. They news of the four sailors was later voiced through the newspaper to the PM urging him to rescue them and return to their country. 

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