This Year Will ‘witness’ Six Astronomical Phenomena
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Astronomer Adel Al-Saadoun said the penumbral lunar eclipse also known as the Wolf Moon that just barely darkens the moon passed through the faint outer shadow of the Earth at five minutes past eight Friday evening and continued until 12:15 past midnight 12:07 pm EST (1707 GMT), with maximum eclipse occurring at 2:10 pm EST (1910 GMT),The penumbral lunar eclipse can only be seen with a microscope, he said, reports Al-Rai daily He said this phenomenon is not seen with the naked eye and occurs when the moon is full.

The moon’s usually is black, gray and white tone stake on a tea-stained color. He explained 2020 will witness six astronomical phenomena, which are a solar eclipse, the first annular on June 21 and will be seen in Yemen and the southern part of Saudi Arabia, Oman and India, and the second on Dec 14 and will be seen in South America, and four shady eclipses of the moon (Wolf Moon) one of which occurred last Friday and the phenomena will repeat on June 5, July 5 and November 30.

He pointed out that there are three types of eclipses, which are total and partial, in addition to the silhouette, where the moon crosses in the first type in the region of the earth’s shadow.



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