Thief Rescued His Victim And Victim dropped His Case
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The thief rescued his victim and the victim in an expression of gratitude dropped the case against him, reports Al-Qabas daily.

This is a story of a Kuwaiti who with his family to Saudi Arabia but while on his way he remembered something important and returned home. He was shocked when he found three thieves inside his house. Two escaped but he managed to catch the third. He then called the police several times and when no one arrived, he called the Operations Room of the Interior Ministry and verbally abused the operator.

As the conversation was recorded, a case was filed against the caller who admitted to the judge that he was in a hysterical condition because the police delayed in coming to his rescue and because his family was panicky. The thief testified in favor of the Kuwaiti and the latter dropped the case against him.


06 Feb, 2017 717
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