There Were 18 Traffic Accidents In March; 675 In The Last Two Years
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According to statistics, 24 individuals were killed in various road incidents in Kuwait during the month of January this year. In February, 23 people died as a consequence of traffic accidents, while in March, 18 people died as a result of accidents on the country's roadways.

The majority of these collisions were caused by excessive speeding, irresponsible driving, and cell phone use while driving. According to data, the majority of those killed in these accidents were teenagers.

According to the General Traffic Department's data, 675 individuals died on Kuwait's roads in the last two years as a result of various traffic accidents. In the year 2021, 323 citizens and residents died, compared to 352 in 2020.

Authorities advised drivers to stick to the speed limit, emphasizing the importance of checking the vehicle's safety before using it to safeguard the driver's safety and the safety of those around him.

17 Apr, 2022 129
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