There Were 1,600 Pilgrims On Flights To Makkah

27 June 2023 Hajj And Umrah

As a result of the conclusion of the air bridge for Kuwaiti pilgrims departing to Makkah, four flights left on Monday with 1,600 pilgrims on board, reports Al-Qabas daily. The airport turned into a beehive in order to facilitate the movement of pilgrims from their entry until they boarded planes. Work teams were allocated to organize their entry easily and smoothly, prepare the planes, and place them on the bridges in preparation for the entry of the pilgrims. According to a source, the airport has received about 7,500 pilgrims departing for Makkah over the past few days, amid remarkable organizational measures and high-level field preparations.

Seventeen flights with 5,800 pilgrims on board left the country on Saturday, all headed for Jeddah. The flights on Saturday represent the peak of flights heading to Jeddah. Operational arrangements have been made for the pilgrims’ flights, and the dates of their departure from the country, in proportion to the numbers. The departure and return of pilgrims was organized through three terminals – T4, T5 and T1 – to prevent crowding and facilitate procedures for their tasks. Support staff were provided by all the agencies operating at the airport.

A number of them have been distributed in the departure and arrival halls, as well as in the corridor leading to the parking lots. Additional counters have been arranged to ensure the comfort of pilgrims and facilitate them in a way that contributes to the completion of travel procedures easily and smoothly. Meanwhile, a number of pilgrims praised the organizational efforts by the agencies operating at the airport to facilitate procedures since their arrival, adding that their boarding of the flight took place smoothly and easily.

According to other sources, the success of this year's flight season was attributed to the preparation of a comprehensive plan to make it easier for passengers to move through the airport by easing procedures to accommodate pilgrims, as more counters were set up to serve pilgrims, and work teams were set up around the clock to help facilitate and guide them.


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