There Is No Return And No Delay In Fight Against Corruption And Its Eradication

29 August 2020 General

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior and Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs Anas Al-Saleh affirmed that combating and eradicating corruption is irreversible and irreversible, stressing that the national duty continues and does not stop, and it is everyone’s responsibility.

Al-Saleh expressed, through his Twitter account, his thanks to the employees of the Ministry of Interior and its workers, for their efforts during the Corona crisis in the past months. He said, “My sisters and brothers who are affiliated with the Ministry of Interior and the partial ban ends in the regions of Kuwait, God willing. I can only stand with respect and appreciation to you for the efforts you have made during the past months to serve the country and the citizens, recorded by history

” He continued: “My sisters and brothers working in the ministry … the national duty continues and does not stop, and it is a responsibility that we all bear to continue fighting and eradicating corruption, so there is no return and do not delay in it, and with basic values ​​stemming from the constitution, we guarantee security and tranquility and defend the people’s freedoms and money.” Al-Saleh concluded by stressing his confidence in the Ministry’s employees and their sincerity in their work, and said: “My confidence in you and your sincerity increases my confidence that what you have accomplished in the previous period will be the fuel for more successes. And the aspirations of His Highness the Prime Minister, may God protect him


Source: Alqabas

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