There Is No Change In The List Of 31 Countries Banned From Entering Kuwait Until Further Notice
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The Arabic local newspaper Alqabas reported thatGovernment sources revealed that the Cabinet has not issued a decision to change the list of 31 countries banned from entering Kuwait, and it will continue until further notice.

The sources confirmed to Al-Qabas that the cabinet discussed the health indicators for the spread of the epidemic in those countries and international reports, and decided that the list would continue without any change. The sources indicated that the list is subject to increase or decrease at any moment, according to the opinion of the health authorities and the medical team.

The Civil Aviation Authority had previously announced a ban on commercial aviation to 31 destinations, based on the instructions of the health authorities and given the situation and the implications of the spread of the Covid 19 virus regarding high-risk countries. The Civil Aviation Authority mentioned, through its Twitter account, the countries affected by the ban, namely: “India – Iran – China – Brazil – Colombia – Armenia – Bangladesh – Philippines – Syria – Spain – Singapore – Bosnia and Herzegovina – Sri Lanka – Nepal – Iraq – Mexico – »Indonesia – Chile – Pakistan – Egypt – Lebanon – Hong Kong – Italy – North Macedonia – Moldova – Panama – Peru – Serbia – Montenegro – Dominican Republic – Kosovo.

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