The State Security Personnel Are Interrogating 12 Men Who Were Seized From A Mosque
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The State Security personnel are interrogating 12 men — Kuwaitis, Saudis and Egyptians — who were seized from a mosque in Al-Qadsiya area, reports Annahar daily.

Police, security officers and state security men rushed to the mosque after a Kuwaiti called the Operations Room of the Interior Ministry and complained about the suspicious looking bearded men meeting people inside the mosque.

The security forces immediately surrounded the mosque and seized from the men leaflets and Islamic books. The Saudis and Egyptians said they arrived in the country a few days ago from Saudi Arabia.

During interrogation, they said they belong to an Islamic group (Jamaat al Dawa and Tabligh), a non-political group and that their job is to spread faith. The State Security men are interrogating to know the motive of these men.


31 Mar, 2017 1066
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