The Return Of The Ban And The Suspension Of Activities Is Possible
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Al Qabas daily, quoting health sources, issued a warning that there is the possibility of returning to a partial curfew, or stopping some activities, in case the increase in coronavirus infections continues. Al-Qabas daily, quoting health sources, denied that the increase in infections had anything to do with the reopening of complexes, shops, markets, and other activities, at the same time, pointing to gatherings and events held at homes and other places.

Another reason, according to sources, is the failure of a large segment of the population to adhere to health requirements, by neglecting physical and social distancing, and the other health guidelines leading to the recent rise in infections, and their possible increase in the coming days.

The Minister of Health, Dr. Basil Al-Sabah, stressed the need for the public to adhere to health requirements to reduce the spread of coronavirus so that there will no need to return to partial curfew.

The government is planning a draft law that will soon be presented to impose penalties on those who do not comply with health requirements, especially wearing masks.

900 new infections were recorded yesterday, and the total rose to more than 87,000, Minister of Health Sheikh Dr. Basil Al-Sabah from neglecting the preventive spacing, calling in his tweet on his Twitter account for everyone’s cooperation to reduce injuries by adhering to health requirements, so that the openness continues without the need to return to partial curfew. This big jump in injuries came, 5 days after the partial ban was canceled, to ring alarm bells and raise fears of the further spread of the epidemic.


Source: Alqabas

04 Sep, 2020 8810
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