The Moi May Ban Visas To 10 Countries

20 June 2022 Visit Visa

The Ministry of the Interior is now considering a proposal to prohibit all sorts of visas for roughly ten countries, the most of which are African, such as Madagascar, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Benin, Mali, and Congo, as well as three non-African nations.

According to a local Arabic daily citing well-informed security sources, the absence of embassies of most of those countries in Kuwait, despite Kuwait hosting tens of thousands of their citizens, makes deportation of these citizens difficult and time-consuming, especially when they are caught doing drugs, drinking alcohol, or engaging in immoral behavior. 

The process of deporting those countries' violators is that some of them purposefully hide, destroy, or dispose of their passports, which causes confusion among security services because the authorities must rely on their embassies in Saudi Arabia or the United Arab Emirates to issue them travel documents. Another big obstacle in the deportation process is that the majority of these nations do not have direct flights or even transit planes, making deportation difficult.

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