The Minister Of Interior Chairs A Meeting Of The Civil Defense Committee To Determine The Readiness Of The Possibilities Of Imposing The Partial Curfew
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Arabic local newspaper Alqbas reported that The Minister of Interior, Sheikh Thamer Al-Ali, chaired a meeting of the Civil Defense Committee, in the presence of the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior, Lieutenant General Essam Al-Naham, Vice Chairman of the Committee, to determine the readiness and readiness for the possibility of imposing a partial or total curfew in light of the increasing number of cases of Coronavirus infection.

The Minister of Interior stressed the importance of devoting all human and health capabilities to confront the increasing number of new infections with the new Corona virus, in order to preserve the safety of the citizens and residents. He reviewed with the members of the committee the preparations and precautionary measures taken by all state authorities, asking them to cooperate and coordinate with the Ministry of Health, to confront the risk of contracting the virus. He urged the importance of activating educational and advisory plans to guide citizens and residents, refute rumors and refute false news through print, audio and visual media, and through the official websites of government agencies.



04 Mar, 2021 1250
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